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Reconditioning Vs Removal

Typically we do get questions from our customers regarding DPF removal as an alternative to replacing or reconditioning your existing DPF.

Here are a number of facts relating to the benefits of keeping your OE DPF vs removing the equipment.


From 1st February 2014 it is now a requirement in the U.K. in order to pass an MOT that if a vehicle is fitted with original emissions equipment from the factory i.e. DPF/Cat assembly that it must have it in order to pass its yearly MOT. This will be a requirement of the Irish NCT in a very short space of time. It is very easy for an NCT/MOT inspector to find out if a car has a DPF fitted or not, it is as simple as DPF equipped cars have clean tailpipes, non DPF equipped cars do not. If you have removed your DPF by emptying the DPF box on the exhaust and damaging the filter then you have no choice but to buy a new Genuine OE Filter – typically €1k to €2k. If you remove your existing DPF without keeping the DPF itself intact you are facing a similar bill when it is required for your car test.


DPF’s by their design remove soot particles and pollutants from cities and urban areas. These are then burned off as Carbon Dioxide in areas capable of processing it during regeneration, i.e. on Motorways which are predominantly in the Countryside.


If you remove your DPF from your vehicle you have technically carried out a performance related modification to your vehicle and must notify your insurance company of same. Failure to do so is covered by the non-disclosure clause in your policy. We are personally aware of instances where the respective Insurance Company have refused claims based on the fact that the vehicle has been modified and not declared. If you declare the modification to the company you are likely to receive a modification loading – if the company itself even caters for modified cars.


Manufacturers use DPF’s for their many benefits, they collectively spend millions of Euro and millions of Research and Development hours in developing the entire vehicle to work in harmony with the DPF. It is not possible to replicate the same quality of work without spending the same investment. We regularly see cars coming in to our trade customers that have had typical DPF removal’s carried out. A lot of these have very poorly carried out ECU modification’s to try and remove the DPF from the circuit. Unfortunately a lot of these are merely a software update or a battery charge away from losing that modification. These cars then try to actively regenerate a DPF that does not exist by putting in Diesel on the exhaust stroke, this diesel then causes bore-wash and oil dilution problems, commonly manifesting itself in poor oil supply problems, turbocharger failure, piston ring wear, bore damage etc. The cost of repairs in this situation is always significant and commonly outweighs the value of the car. There is no need to remove a DPF when we can carry out the reconditioning process for less than removal or replacement and keep the car as it was intended.

Excellent job! Pleasure to deal with, would highly recommend.

Jamie Heffernan, Ford Focus – Kerry.

I had a rising oil problem on my bmw 520d diagnosed as a blocked DPF so i had it reconditioned ... Read more.

John Murphy. Duleek, Co.Meath