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Your DPF reconditioning

We provide cost effective solutions
to clogged and blocked Diesel
Particulate Filters

from as little as €250
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Exchange DPF's for popular makes and models - overnight delivery of your DPF.

Authorised Service Centres - Happy to recommend a garage FOC if you need one.

100% Success rate, first-time, every-time

1 day turnaround on all DPF's, thanks to using the best equipment on the market.

We flow test each and every DPF, before and after our service.

Unrivalled free technical support

We are Industry leaders, using purpose built expert machinery - we do not use commonly available Ultrasonic baths.

DPF Replacement for a fraction of the cost!

DPF Replacement costs anywhere from €1500 up to €3500 and beyond.

We are able to offer an equal service for a fraction of that cost – with the same longevity, guaranteed. It is a myth that DPF’s need to be replaced after a certain period of time, a DPF will last the lifetime of a car once its kept in a state where it can be regenerated by the cars ECU.

There is no difference between using ‘The DPF Clinic’ and replacing your DPF with a new factory item, bar the cost of course!

About Us

The DPF Clinic was set up having carried out extensive research into the alternatives to DPF (Diesel Particulate Filter) replacement. With new DPF’s typically costing from €1500 upwards to as much as €3500 in some models we figured there has to be a way of reconditioning these parts in a cost effective and reliable manner.

We have run and operated a BMW Independant Specialist Workshop and during that time we have experienced a huge amount of DPF related issues. We were tired of advising expensive replacement to customers and subsequently we tried all sorts of commonly available ‘treatment’ remedies and without any working in the long term we set about finding the correct equipment to fully recondition Diesel Particulate Filters to 100% as new standard.


The DPF Clinic are the first Particle Filter Cleaning company to not use commonly available ultrasonic cleaners or air blasting devices. Instead we use purpose built, state of the art machinery that is designed solely with the modern Diesel Particulate Filter in mind. Due to the success of our equipment we are able to turn around even totally blocked DPF’s in record time. We process every DPF inside 1 working day.

We have carried extensive Research and Development before bringing our services to market. One thing is for sure with our service. It works, and we will stand over that. Find out more about our Lifetime Guarantee.

Common reasons for DPF blockages include:

Vehicle being used for short journeys not allowing the ECU to enter regeneration mode.
Faulty Thermostats causing the car to run cool and subsequently not allowed regenerate
Stuck EGR Valves
Turbo Failure, typically badly set up VNT mechanisms.
Wrong grade of oil used/incorrectly serviced.
Inadequate amounts of fuel carried that stop the ECU from carrying out regenerations.

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    Excellent job! Pleasure to deal with, would highly recommend.

    Jamie Heffernan, Ford Focus – Kerry.

    I had a rising oil problem on my bmw 520d diagnosed as a blocked DPF so i had it reconditioned ... Read more.

    John Murphy. Duleek, Co.Meath