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Lifetime Guarantee

At The DPF Clinic we are so confident in our work that we are prepared to offer a Lifetime Guarantee! Yes, that’s more than you will get from any other product on the market and more than you will get from the manufacturer at up to 5 times the cost!

Naturally, there are some terms and conditions but it’s all set out here and there are no nasty surprises.

As the Diesel Particulate Filter is the last component on a long chain and as such, when your DPF becomes blocked it can be down to a fault with another component further up the line and repairing the DPF alone can be treating the symptom rather than the fault.

At The DPF Clinic we give free technical support to our customers and can advice on common failures within popular models.

In order to qualify for our Lifetime Guarantee the following conditions must be met:

  • The vehicle must be serviced with the correct Low-Ash oil as per manufacturers guidelines.
  • There must be no faults recorded within the ECU for any components that affect the emissions system, these include and are not limited to: Boost leaks, EGR faults, turbocharger actuation faults, Injector faults, glow plug faults.
  • The vehicle and owner details must be furnished to The DPF Clinic at time of repair, these will be recorded on the DPF by The DPF Clinic.
  • The garage must check for correct operation of the regeneration system when the DPF is returned to them by The DPF Clinic in the first instance.
  • The Guarantee will allow a no–quibble, free of charge repair of the DPF.
  • The Guarantee is only valid with the same vehicle/owner combination.



Excellent job! Pleasure to deal with, would highly recommend.

Jamie Heffernan, Ford Focus – Kerry.

I had a rising oil problem on my bmw 520d diagnosed as a blocked DPF so i had it reconditioned ... Read more.

John Murphy. Duleek, Co.Meath